With several years of experience in the coffee business, we know what it takes to produce proficiently roasted coffee that has long-lasting flavour and superior taste.


Ethically chosen beans from the very best coffee plantations in South India and Africa. Our estates are nurtured under cool shade of the surrounding lush forests that are teeming with biodiversity. Every step of our coffee cultivation, harvest and processing is handled with a high emphasis on sustainability.

Roasted beans

Masterfully roasted Arabica coffee beans sourced as single origin beans from carefully vetted and chosen estates, and blends concocted to suit different brewing preferences. There is a precise science and experience-backed art to roasting our coffee beans, and the result is a highly invigorating and impeccable.

Green beans

Green coffee is simply raw, unroasted coffee beans. We are committed to cultivate, harvest and process quality green coffee beans which ensure unbeatable freshness and wholesomeness in every brew. We have set ourselves on a journey to explore new flavours of coffee beans and unlock its potential to the world.

We seek out the unique, the unusual and the beautiful to share with you.