Each of our brews resonates with superior aroma, flavour and character, delivering the experience that stimulates tea and coffee enthusiasts.

We wanted the best quality of tea & coffee available, for which we demanded a rigid, clear-cut bench mark for true sustainability and fair labour practices. We also wanted complete transparency across the supply chain.

We’re taking one step at a time and establishing ourselves as a trusted sourcing partners in the B2B segment by involving ourselves in ethical sourcing and cultivation practices with an emphasis on both quality and quantity.

This is our endeavour towards perfection.

The origin of our teas
Our tea is grown on the steep slopes of tea plantations in the beautiful hill regions of Darjeeling, Nilgiri and Assam, in India. Grown at heights that can differ by as much as 3,000 ft, our tea estates are flush with all the right conditions for tea plantation. Here, rain-fed tea grows well, and the vigour of the new leaves lingers fresh in our teas.

Types of tea

Fruit and Herbal Tea

A countless variety of fruit flavours and popular herbal blends that soothe the senses and energize from within. We source directly from artisanal growers for exceptional freshness and distinctive taste while their healing properties have been lauded by traditional medicine for centuries.

"Herbal and fruit infusions are amongst the world's most popular and widely enjoyed beverages, thanks to their almost unlimited variety and their convenience."

Specialty Teas

We take pride in working with tea estates that are some of the finest producers of the Specialty Teas. We have spent a considerable amount of time interacting with the farmers, and closely understanding the process.

Our specialty teas are unadulterated with blends that interfere with the taste that made the teas legendary and sought-after in the first place.The specialty tea selection includes the popular Oolong, English Breakfast, White, Lapsang tea and Nilgiri.

Traditional Tea

These teas are grown in specific regions that make them exotic, delectable and unique.

Darjeeling Supreme, Assam and Nilgiri are amongst the range of our refreshing traditional teas with their original flavour profiles intact.Traditional tea uses time-honoured methods of pest control and organic farming practice.