This traditional botanical has long roots in history that are finally reaching consumers around the world.

Due to its brilliant yellow colour turmeric is also known as the “Golden spice”.Herbalist have discovered that curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric and has powerful medicinal properties. The level of curcumin is the most important parameter in evaluating the quality of the turmeric.

Our turmeric cultivation is undertaken by tribal communities as a source of livelihood. Besides, it is treated and nurtured by these communities as a holy plan. This belief system serves as an advantage by ensuring the most authentic produce.

Our turmeric is available in curcumin level percentages ranging from 2% to 5% and above. Not only are they pure and concentrated, but they deliver the full realm of synergistic phytochemicals present in whole herbs. We are also able to deliver a higher curcumin percentage depending on the clients’ requirements.

Flawless purity, aroma and flavour that enriches and enlivens culinary preparations, while bestowing health benefits inherent in its powerful plant compounds.