Global Network

It is our huge global network and outreach that helps us offer products tailored for the clients’ needs along with constantly expanding variety of offerings in organic, fair trade and Rain forest alliance categories.

Many of our growers have decades of experience that helps us in our work to maintain a competitive edge.

Long lasting partnership with farmers in countries of origin also guarantees a high level of quality.

With more than 5 joint ventures and manufacturing sites and over 80+ farms units worldwide, we keep our fingers on the pulse of our local markets and trends.

We act as a bridge between the source and our clients. We work together with our partners to create and accelerate sustainable development.

We co-operate with superior growing regions throughout the world to bring the finest produce available to our clients.beyond organic production and has proven truly transformational for the state and its farmers.

In our endeavor to give back, we continue our journey of leaving an impact on lives of many while Supporting communities & societies is at the core of our belief system.Through our work we have ensured to become a source of constant support for our farmers by providing regular source of income, enhancing skills & knowledge and helping them rise above the basic standards of living.

Our Indian Farms:
Our Farms in India are spread across 3,500 acres of land , 1800 farmers have collectively formed 28 major farmers society and our aids and support are equally distributed to these societies . This ensures better employment opportunities & stable earnings for the farmers’ families. More and more farmers are joining these societies. our welfare training programmes for farmers is an initiative where we provide them training and technical knowhow on crop , leading to better production & quality and also farmers earnings

China Project
In china our project is spread across 500 acres for ginger cultivation involving 700 farmers where we recently initiated RA certification for better cultivation practices. The area under cultivation and the numbers of farmers are constantly increasing year by year.
Our aim is to expand in ways that benefits everyone in the chain, right from farmers to clients including practices while conserving the environment, paying the farmers well & creating positive impact on families and communities over 2100 people.