Exotic taste and zingy spiciness have made their way to the trendiest of the products in the market.

Ayurveda proclaims ginger as a wonder herb, and it is no wonder since Ayurveda employs ginger for a wide variety of applications.Ginger has a primary pungent ingredient that is believed to exert a remarkable impact on health. In fact, ginger is the most commonly consumed dietary condiment in the world.

Our ginger has a consistence spice intensity regardless of batch fluctuations.

Our portfolio includes exclusive contract farming for ginger from the best suited locations of China, Africa and India. We produce over 5000 MT of dried ginger annually.

Sustainability and traceability are at the core of our system, helping us build a strong foundation for consistently high-quality produce. Following stringent standards and conducting seasonal audits helps us to execute controlled cultivation practices without fail.In our continued efforts towards sustainability and minimizing carbon footprints ,our China and Africa projects are undergoing
Rainforest Alliance certifications.