Our Process

We are convinced that holistic sustainable thinking and acting is an intrinsic component of our corporate responsibility and the foundation for long-term, value-adding growth.

Since our supply chain extends all the way back to countries where our raw materials grow, we leverage our influence to improve specific social and ecological conditions in those countries through our projects.

With our raw material being received from over 8 countries around the world, our actions have a positive, global impact.

We are extremely selective with our suppliers and require that they regularly perform Food Safety Audits. These audits focus on the best practices to verify that the crops are grown, produced, packed, handled and stored in the safest manner possible to minimize risks of food safety hazards.

100% of our facilities worldwide are audited and/or certified by third parties using globally recognized food safety criteria.Safety is a priority focus area for us.It is part of our culture.

As part of our Responsible Sourcing initiative, suppliers must comply with standards outlined by us as a preliminary condition for business engagement.This manual outlines supplier expectations for Business Integrity, Labor Practices and Human Rights; Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability as well as Product Responsibility and Transparency in alignment with internationally recognized standards such as EU, NOP and NPOP.

We bridge the gap between the international clients and traditional farmers; stability is assured to farmers by guaranteed purchase of their crop and to the client by matching their specific standards.All of our organic farmlands are certified. At the same time, our approach reaches