Our Purpose

We aim to achieve a holistic growth right from our farmers and producers to customer and end consumer, by infusing additional value with every step in our supply chain.

By balancing the traditional beliefs and methods combined with modern technology, we want to encourage every farmers/grower to undertake the practice of organic and nature friendly methods of growing the crops which can only be achieved if the consumers are aware of the significant benefits of organic over the conventional crops.

We believe that societies, economies and businesses thrive when human rights are protected and respected and our expertise has paved the way for the traditional farmers to enter the global market for organic and conventional produces.We are dedicated to offer products from organic farming with proven sustainable approaches to pollution-aversion and biodiversity conservation.

The key principles of organic farming are based on care and respect for the society and our environment. Nothing is taken from the Earth without giving something back!

Think global, act local: The Ancient India Group views itself as a corporate citizen and therefore is a part of responsible society. We support people who need it the most and enable them to help themselves in long run. As a global company, we see our responsibility not only nationally, but also worldwide.